"When writing the story of your life,
don't let anyone else hold the pen."
Harley Davidson

Carmen Bravo was working as a real estate agent in New Jersey.  As her portfolio of successful ventures grew, she knew there was something else she wanted to accomplish with her life.  It was at this time in 2010 that she first learned about Spoken Word and Poetry sessions.  What she heard from the artists touched her deeply. After that initial exposure, she determined to become a champion of the arts in the areas of poetry, storytelling and the spoken word.

Carmen set her mind towards learning the business and began researching.  Her searches on the Internet helped start her in the direction of becoming a producer.  She successfully teamed up with a small number of seasoned artists.  Since her initial experience, she learned much about the business and ultimately broke out on her own with her small crew. Her band of artists stuck together through some very tough times.  Now, Carmen feels that she overcame many pitfalls that destroy a person’s dreams and is on her way to building a successful business.

In the last five years, she created “C. Bravo Productions, LLC.” She produced 18 shows, 11 of which occurred at the legendary Nuyorican Poet’s Café.  The hard work never ends while the dream continues growing sweet fruit and the number of artists grows. 

C. Bravo Productions exists to celebrate the arts of Poetry, Spoken Word and Storytelling in New York City and encourage up-and-coming artists to perform in a venue where they may freely express and share of themselves in an open forum.

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